Arabian Bugshan Group
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Genuine Customer Support

Arabian Bugshan Group parts division provides the customers with reliability and a freedom of sustainability by genuine customer support with "Genuine Parts".
Parts Availability

Arabian Bugshan Group is recognized by the factor "reliable" in terms of a distributer on stock availability of spare parts in the sight of customer; Arabian Bugshan Group carries stocks of genuine parts for the entire range of brands which has a back-up by the parts distribution centers around the world, with 50,000 different line items in stock.

Parts availability, fleeted with state of the art logistics and team work, meaning guaranteed fast delivery in minimum down time.

New Generation Oil for New Generation Engines

Genuine special Oil specially manufactured and produced for the new generation engines, which requires superior lubrication performance that could only be provided by KGO to increas the life and performance of the parts.

Our Experience

With over 40 years of experience in serving customers, Arabian Bugshan Group acquired a quality name in providing solutions for various customers base in addition to gaining our customer trust in reliability and service assurance.

Engine Overhauls

We plan for more productivity with our machines for our customers. Based upon market input, specific products are developed by the manufacturer's research team in support of making the operation with our equipment smoother and more productive. Some good examples are: our unique offers for all fast moving parts which are aggressively competitive.