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Service division at Arabian Bugshan Group provides an extensive customer support that assures warranty, repairs and maintenance programs, Hydraulic system inspection program, Oil & wear analysis program, Undercarriage wear analysis program, Machine Touch Program, Voluntary visits upon needs, periodic servicing are few of the most vital area's we undergo under service division. Preventive maintenance services by certified engineers and factory trained service technicians, usage of sophisticated diagnostic tools, scheduling upon delivery of machines, after through technical level up training.

With our success means an efficient system to optimize machines availability and performance in order to avoid machine downtime, reduce the costs and prolong the lifetime. We at Arabian Bugshan Group achieve this goal by making sure; the machines are always have in their routine maintenance and scheduled service programs. Maintenance today is more than just replacing the oil and filters; it consists of sophisticated system of high-tech, analysis with specialized tools, expertise and a longtime experience.

Arabian Bugshan Group, Heavy Equipment Division's Service Department fulfills all these requirements by maintaining a highly qualified staff with swift service for full range of products and to meet the customer's needs. The service department keeps its technical staff up to date with the latest diagnostic tools and products. updates rapidly changing requirements and technologies with training programs and seminars in-house and at the manufacturer's facilities.

Preventive Maintenance Inspections (PMI)

To keep your equipment at peak performance, as Bugshan Group offers preventive maintenance inspections (PMI) designed to keep your equipment operating at peak performance for high production. Conducted by factory trained experts, PMI include (Visual Walk-Around Inspection, PM Clinic, PM Tune UP) These inspections prevent off major problems by identifying them while they are small. Arabian Bugshan Group conducts a general on-site inspection of your equipment, following a systematic check list to determine if anything needs further, in-depth inspection of repair. Trained technicians know your equipment better than anyone else and perform the Walk-Around with a keen eye towards safety, as well as wear and tear on all critical areas of your machine.
Oil Wear and Analsis

Confirms the inside condition of engine and power train. Analysis of engine oil and other fluids is the best way to look inside a machine's engine and power train. It can help you to maintain the engine performance, reduce repair and you can take quick maintenance decisions. Analysis detects fuel dilution, coolant leakages, identifies contaminants, and measures wear-metals. As Bugshan group can help you interpret this information so you can identify potential problems and head them off before they lead to major repairs. A well-planned maintenance program can save you improper maintenance can cost it terms of: (Increased repair costs, loss of production, rental or backup machine, idle personnel and equipment, disruption of schedules, client losses), Scheduled maintenance performed on time and as specified in your Operation & Maintenance manual. When your equipment is maintained properly, you can achieve maximum performance and reduce cost of repairs.
PM Tune Up

PM Tune ups are preventive maintenance inspections targeting the advanced hydraulic systems on Excavators. In addition to monitoring Key diagnostic measurements and tracking trends, as with PM Clinic, PM Tune Ups include any necessary adjustments. By reviewing trends and identifying problems early, your distributor can help you minimize downtime and reduce parts and service costs. You'll head off major problems by fixing them early, and you can rely on your distributor's trained experts when work needs to be performed.
Undercarriage wear analysis (SUC)

Manage your undercarriage wear correctly managing the undercarriage of your excavators and crawler dozer is critical to their service life and productivity. A "Run to destruction" approach is not always the best option. Based on your machine's application and the amount and type of wear, your distributor can develop an appropriate undercarriage management program to better schedule necessary service. Regular undercarriage inspections and timely replacement and repair will help extend the life of the undercarriage, increase productivity, reduce downtime, and reduce the machine's cost per hour. Faster, easier inspections and the right recommendations measurement tool make undercarriage inspections quick and easy by providing access to hard-to-measure locations. It uses sound waves to precisely measure the thickness of undercarriage components and stores the data for evaluation. Our trained expert, equipped with measurement tool, can take of undercarriage components and accurately determine wear. Based on this data and other critical factors, he can make the appropriate recommendations for your machines and your working environment.
PM Clinic

PM Clinic are machine-specific, comprehensive inspections designed to monitor the performance of your machine by monitoring key diagnostic measurements, including engine speeds and hydraulic pressures, your distributor is able to track trends and make recommendations to enhance your machine's performance. PM Clinic covers the Crawler Dozer, Wheel Loader, Dump Truck, Motor Grader and Excavators.
(SUC) accures you

Through inspection of undercarriage systems, Easy measurement of hard-to-reach areas, accurate determination of wear on parts, extended undercarriage life Optimum machine cost per hour, Data storage for analysis & Easy-to-read reports and graphs.