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Bugshan, Shantui to tap heavy equipment market

Date: 5 May 2013

A new business partnership is emerging between Arabian Bugshan Group and Chinese Shantui Company, according to senior company executives.
Arabian Bugshan Group (ABG) held its first meeting with China’s Shantui for Heavy Equipments in Jeddah recently.
Abdullah Ahmed Bugshan, chairman of ABG, who chaired the meeting, said the new business relationship will be a breakthrough in the heavy equipment industry to cater to the requirement of the Saudi market compatible with the Kingdom’s sustainable development.
Abdullah Bugshan stressed that the enormous development of infrastructure projects in the Kingdom has become the focus of major international players in construction and machinery industries around the world.
“Their contention is that the Kingdom has become the land of opportunity for its ever-booming building and construction sector and related machinery based on its future economic programs,” he added.
Bugshan said the group has a proven track record of achievements and reputation over the past five decades, which makes it capable of reaching new milestones in the future. This step comes in accordance with the group’s plans targeting the areas of investments in various fields commensurate with their aspirations and market mechanisms.
Wang Fei, president of Shantui, said his company is not only one of the major Chinese entities in the field of heavy equipment but one of the largest international companies specialized in this field worldwide.
He expressed his happiness over the collaboration with ABG, a major Saudi player in the field of heavy equipment.
Fei expects more successes and promising developments in the coming years, depending on their extensive experience and potential deals in this area, especially in a large market like Saudi Arabia, which is emerging as the fastest growing construction market in the region.
The meeting also reviewed the size of Saudi construction market, especially the large-scale projects that need infrastructure and road and transportation projects that are being built across the Kingdom. The meeting was attended by Yasser Marie Bugshan, and Faisal Abdullah Buqshan and Ahmed Abdullah Buqshan, both members of the board of directors of ABG, in addition to the group’s Managing Director Yunus Ibrahim and Executive Director Mohammed Taman.
Taman said the business relationship between two firms began in 2012.
The objective of Shantui business delegation’s first tour to the Kingdom is to achieve greater coordination and cooperation in several areas that serve the interests of both parties, which will be reflected positively on the heavy equipment market in the Kingdom.
Taman added that ever since the relations began with Shantui, things are developing and there are many future joint ventures that will help ABG take a big leap in the market.
Cheng Zhaohong, managing director of Shantui spoke about the company’s future plans in the Arab region, particularly in Saudi Arabia.
He outlined the strategic plans in the areas of manufacturing and marketing, especially in heavy equipment.
The two-day meeting also set schedules for future visits both to the Kingdom and China, in order to strengthen mutual business relationship between the two parties.

Shantui's 5th Annual Dealer Conference Solidifies Future Plans for Dealers

Date: 22 Nov, 2013

20-22 November, 2013. Jining, China. For three days in November, Shantui's dealers gathered from around the globe to attend a conference in Jining, China and strategize for 2014. With a theme of "Support, Integrity, Confidence", the conference was packed with speeches, meetings, a product demonstration, and factory tours. Dealers were also treated to a gala dinner on the first night, to celebrate past accomplishment and future goals.
Beginning on Wednesday, November 20, the first day was a seminar held at the Sun Plaza International Hotel. Shantui leaders gave speeches outlining Shantui's plans and goals for the upcoming year, such as Shantui's new service support policy, the KPI dealer ranking system, marketing support policy, and subsidiary restructuring. In the afternoon, an awards ceremony was held to commemorate dealers that had achieved outstanding performance in a variety of categories, such as brand promotion, service, and sales. In the evening, a gala dinner was enjoyed, accompanied by performances from dancers and musicians.

In the morning of Thursday, November 21, the conference attendees took a tour of Shantui's undercarriage parts and transmission factories. Viewing the entire parts production process from forging to fabrication to assembly, the guests were given the chance to experience a key facet of Shantui's business. After the tour, the guests were then bussed to an off-campus location for a live product demonstration. Shantui's SD16, SD32, and SD52-5 bulldozers, SG21A-3 motor grader, SR10P roller, SL50W-2, and SE210 excavator were put through the paces, performing a variety of feats to demonstrate functionality. Once the demonstration concluded, the guests had the opportunity to inspect the machines, and capture the memories with photos. After getting their fill of heavy machinery, the guests returned to the Sun Plaza International Hotel for group discussions, conversing on the previous day's ideas and the current day's experiences.

On Friday, November 22, the conference was capped off by a visit to the Confucius Temple in neighboring Qufu City, the hometown of Confucius himself. The visitors viewed a sacrificial ceremony honoring Confucius, and attended a lecture detailing the sage's history and legacy. Upon the end of the lecture, everyone returned to the hotel for the closing ceremony of the conference.

The conference was a productive event, solidifying the partnership between Shantui and its global distributors. Having shared ideas, plans, and having learned more about each other, the platform for success in 2014 was firmly established. Shantui's dealers are key to the company's international development, and the 5th Annual Global Dealer Conference was the embodiment of that philosophy.